️. We can make one quick performance improvement by warming up the DNS lookup, TCP handshake, and TLS negotiation to the fonts.gstatic.com domain with preconnect: Why? Github If our own CDN is down, then at least we are consistently delivering nothing to our users, right? I'm sharing it all in this step-by-step 100-videos course. Then, each @font-face declaration tells the browser to use a local version of the font, if available, before attempting to download the file from fonts.gstatic.com: Understanding this architecture will help us understand why certain strategies work better for making our site faster. Let me quote him: If you’re going to use font-display for your Google Fonts then it makes sense to asynchronously load the whole request chain. Google Fonts loading problems. ✅ Preconnecting to the fonts’ origin is a good idea. I’ll recommend using preload trick first and then as a fallback we use the print media trick mentioned in step #2. First, select the Google font you need from the left sidebar. We choose to put this at the top of our variables partial when using SCSS. We don't have control over the @font-face declarations in the Google Fonts stylesheet, but luckily they added an API for modifying font-display. It was debatable how much benefit we actually got from it in the first place. If you use Google Fonts, a few additional steps can lead to much faster load times. So, we have learned about how to load Google Fonts faster for WordPress: do manually and by plugins. All rights reserved. While first paint either remained the same or got slower, first contentful paint either remained the same or got faster, and in the case of CSS Wizardry, first web font was a staggering 600ms faster than the previous iteration. Google Fonts is shipping a Font Provider in Google Play Services. My theory is this is due to Google’s variants for optimization” Google Font pages for each font make it very clear how long the font will take to load. This is nice, but we might be able to do more. For our use case, we chose to only host WOFF(caniuse) and WOFF2 (caniuse) while selecting system fonts as fallbacks for browsers older than IE9. Here is the repo. Sadly, the print stylesheets are loaded with super low priority. And as we learned in the previous section, that file must also be downloaded and read before the fonts themselves will be downloaded (the final 2 rows): By moving our font request to the of our HTML instead, we can make our load faster because we've reduced the number of links in the chain for getting our font files: Look closely at that last waterfall, and you might spy another inefficiency. A fast site is crucial for optimal font loading and this starts with hosting. Preloaded files can get loaded before other, more important files needed for initial render. Hopefully this helps! In your HTML file, add resource hints for the WOFF2 font files you need for the current page: Let’s break down our preload element: So how did we do? Get eot, ttf, svg, woff and woff2 files + CSS snippets! Some fonts are heavy and can take almost double the load time. Google Fonts are updated often so you might find yourself trying to load a font from a link that no longer exists pretty quickly. If warning bells are going off in your head, then you're right to worry. Google Fonts Are Already Optimized. Say on Twitter @MrAhmadAwais | Subscribe to the Developers Takeaway! There’s even a subfont plugin for it. (Large preview) Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography Not all of these are used by default, thankfully. My theory is this is due to Google’s variants for optimization: Google Fonts maintains 30+ optimized variants for each font and automatically detects and delivers the optimal variant for each platform and browser. If you open the $CSS URL above you’ll notice that the fonts are loaded from the origin that looks like https://fonts.gstatic.com — we can preconnect to this origin. The browser cache time for stylesheets is only 24 hours and 1 year for font files. Finally, download your files. That’s done! Also do I need to include “&display=swap” to it? This means Google Fonts are available to native apps on Android devices! Just because you will take control with the @font-face option and at the same time, load fonts from Google’s fast server. Resource hints are not available in every browser, but all the browsers that support preload also support WOFF2 so we can safely choose only WOFF2. Get more done with the new Google Chrome. Check out this list for the best type families for the food industry. Let’s look at Roboto, GitHub tells us that the regular variant weighs 168kb. The load meter beside the font shows how fast each font will load. For the most part, we prefer to show text as fast as possible even if that means a pesky transition to our preferred font once it loads. A Hassle-Free Way to Self-Host Google Fonts. As a result in Harry’s research, the site’s First Paint is up by 1.6s to 1.7s. Day 3 of #devAdvent: SubFont, by @_munter_!There are best practices for font loading performance that can shave second of load time. I don’t see this in the provided snippet. I used to do a lot of this by hand, now it's quick as an npm i!https://t.co/yukja6AqsX pic.twitter.com/hgjLWa6cn9. Takeaway my professional opinion on open-source, developer relations, growing your business with family, and everything in between! Remember that more styles mean more for the client to download: Different fonts have different levels of character support and style options. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Join the conversation on Twitter. The paths to fixing performance issues and making fonts lightning-fast is different for the CSS and the font files themselves. Insert Google Fonts script in Beaver Builder. The subfont npm package will do this in addition to dynamically subsetting your fonts at build. —from “Preload, Prefetch And Priorities in Chrome” by Addy Osmani. We use AWS S3 plus Cloudfront, the CDN service offered by Amazon, and Netlify which uses AWS behind the scenes in the same way, but many options exist. Are you a fan of Gatsby? The new font, Lexend, was … There are many font formats that can be used on the web, but only two formats are really needed if you don’t have to support Internet Explorer (IE) 8 or lower: woff and woff2. Thus, your users will most probably have the Google Font … Google suggests the following embed URL. So far, we have only moved where we are hosting files from Google’s servers to ours. Which means we can use preloading in combination with the print media trick. Let’s say I selected the Montserrat font with 400 and 700 weight for both regular and italic font styles. “In some of my tests for our company website, I noticed smaller font file sizes for some fonts hosted by Google. Go to fonts.google.com and select a font to be used by your site. You can customize the font file location — the default assumes ../fonts/. One thing Google Fonts does offer is a fast and reliable content delivery network (CDN). Stack Overflow After checking Google Page Speed Insight I became so depressed the result. Proudly published with WordPress & hosted with Kinsta. Google Fonts CDN is great, but adding those additional external requests and DNS lookups can cause delays. Sadly, shared cache is gone on all major browsers (and had been gone for a while in Safari) due to security. Google today announced that it is bringing a new font to Docs, Sheets and Slides that was explicitly designed to improve reading speeds. New year—new, faster fonts. Google Fonts API serves Google Fonts to the browser and fonts are stored in the browser cache, so the loading times are faster. Let’s make Google fonts load faster by following Harry’s findings. I help businesses understand developers Just launched Node.js CLI Automation Course ‍ Edutainer at VSCode.pro An award-winning GitHub Star open-source engineer & advocate Google Developers Expert Web DevRel Node.js foundation Community Committee Outreach Lead ✌️ Author of various open-source dev-tools and software libraries used by millions of developers worldwide ⓦ WordPress Core Developer TEDx Speaker Leading developers and publishing technical content for over a decade Loves his wife (Maedah) ❯ Learn more → Mention this post from your site: Twitter Let’s take a step back and look at what is happening when you request from Google Fonts using a standard copied from their website: Did you notice that the link is for a stylesheet and not a font file? Second, while rare, if Google Fonts is down, we won’t get our fonts. We used to say that very popular fonts like Open Sans and Roboto are likely to exist in your users’ cache. For instances where a user has intentionally disabled JavaScript in their browser, we can use the