It’s possible to download the document as PDF or print. the left and right satellites. Again with your problem you don't know yet whether it is... - Logitech … The speakers project sound evenly in all directions, so you enjoy rich, clear sound from any angle throughout the room. 360-Degree SoundThe Logitech Z523 can project sound evenly in all directions so you can enjoy the sound wrapping you from any angle. English3 IN OUT X KNOW YOUR PRODUCT Headphone jack Wired control pod Power plug Power and volume control knob Bass control Subwoofer RCA input 3.5 mm input Subwoofer is in cosmetic condition of Used Good and has been tested to be in proper working order. Share the user manual or guide on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Logitech's Z523 Speaker system is one of four models in the company's 2009-2010 PC-speaker line that features a separate subwoofer. The Logitech Z523 2.1 Speaker System features rich bass and a 360-degree sound that lets you rediscover the art of listening. Quick-star t guideLogitech® Speaker System Z523 offer 50 Logitech manuals and user’s guides for free. Have a look at the manual Logitech Z523 Service Manual online for free. Here is a link which details a similar but slightly different problem with a X210. Logitech z523 speakers any good? CES 2021. COVID-19. Hi @Ayan Haldar, The problem might not be in the sub woofer. This topic is locked from further discussion. Hello I have Logitech z623 speakers from 3 years Now all of a sudden I am experiencing my subwoofer stops working at low volumes In order to make it work, I have to raise the volume to maximum But now it is not working either, no bass is coming out from the subwoofer unit. I'm just wondering if It's fixable? We've put everything you need to get started with your Z533 Multimedia Speaker System right here. To learn more about Logitech® products, or for more information about Logitech® speakers, please visit But I probably need a sound card to fix that but other than that they are great 9 years ago. ; Convenient On-Speaker ControlThe Logitech Z523's volume and power controls are located on the … A subwoofer with a 6.5-inch pressure driver delivers deep lows for rich bass you can feel. If you still have questions browse the topics on the left. Logitech Z523 2.1 Computer Speaker System Item Description: Room-Filling Logitech 360-degree sound for an immersive music, movie, and game experience Down-firing subwoofer with 6.5-in pressure driver delivers ultra-deep bass without distortion Quick-connect … This listing is for the sale of only the subwoofer. The rest of the system is required for proper operation, i.e. Logitech Z523 Speaker System Broken RCA Hi, everyone just wanting some advice the RCA port at the end of the left speaker wire on my Logitech Z523 Speaker System broke off. View full Logitech Speaker System Z523 specs on CNET. Replacement Subwoofer for the Logitech Z523 2.1 Speaker System. There the problem turned out to be in the cable between the volume control and the sub woofer. CES 2021 FULL COVERAGE. I … Contents Using headphonesTo use headphones with your Z523 speakers, plug them into the headphone jack on the right speaker. ; Impressive BassThe Logitech Z523 boasts a compact, down-firing subwoofer to deliver deep, accurate and tight bass, making your movies and music more realistic.

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