And best of all, I shall be back there in nine weeks time . Or maybe the newest fad of dental tourism in Croatia has you intrigued. Try some oysters, shellfish and the delicious. Climb magnificent mountains and enjoy its scents, sounds, and colors, and unforgettable panoramic views. Rijeka is the third-largest city in Croatia and is located in the Kvarner region. The diverse cultural and historical activities offered in the city and its surroundings as well as its beautiful countryside, are sure to please. Our favorite was the Plitvice National Park, which is for sure my favorite National Park in the world so far! Great list of things to do in Croatia! Visit the archaeological sites of Kastrum, Roman villa in Verige Bay, and the 5th century St. Mary’s Church, which is said to have been used by the Knights Templar in the 13th century. The most popular destination is Brijuni National Park, … Over the courses of many centuries, it has endured and survived a few wars, hot temperatures, wave beatings, and wind. Pack light! Animafest Zagreb. I want to visit Croatia in end of August and enjoy the seaside, but I am hesitating between Dubrovnik (1), Split + Hvar (2) or Zadar (3)….. Definitely worth saving, as you know Croatia is my summer destination! It is still tolerable to swim in the Adriatic Sea in November, so if it's what you're after, don't hesitate to throw a swimming suit … We rented kayaks and paddled over for a coffee a couple of years back, and that was an excellent experience. I have always thought Croatia was beautiful but I never expected it to be this lovely! I never thought Croatia have this beautiful places. Particularly inland Dalmatia, with its beautiful karst landscape. Pag Island is in the very north of Dalmatia and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. Sights & Landmarks. Try some of the local vino. We have this post to help you choose which one might suit you. You might want to consider private transfer companies that can arrange transport, Here is a guide to all 8 Croatia national parks, Here is a complete list of zip lines in Croatia, various events and performances for visitors, Find out about all of the carnival festivities right here, If you book with Octopus Transfer Croatia, Here is all you need to know about the Nikola Tesla electric vehicle rally, Check out these five hiking trails – not all of them for serious hikers, Here are several of our favorite Croatian cities that you may never have heard of, Croatia offers plenty of delicious dishes, Traditional Croatian Food To Look For On Menus, Here Is What To Eat (And Where) In Istria, Here Is What To Eat (And Where) In Slavonia, Must Not Miss Wines & Wineries In Croatia. Quickly becoming one of the most popular places in Croatia and in Southern Europe, Dubrovnik is known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic.” And for a good reason, it’s an absolutely gorgeous old city. In fact, it would be no exaggeration to credit this magnificent old city for the massive boost that Croatia tourism experienced recently. Find out how to get from Pula to Zadar (or the other way around) in this post. Informative and amazing blog ! So, highlights for me: I hope your readers find this helpful. What a fantastic post. In some localities such as Zagreb, Rijeka and Opatija, this temperature … Spending time at sea is one of those epic Croatia tourist attractions. Also, rent a car! Wish we had more time. Its really very safe here. In the evening the thermometer descends to the level of … Wow great post! Do not stress though, if you do not find many truffles on your hunt – the Miro family has plenty back at the house. Exclusive: 'Game of Thrones' Walking Tour of Dubrovnik, Five Island Speedboat Tour Featuring the Blue Cave and Hvar, Plitvice Lakes and Rastoke - Small Group Full-Day Tour from Zagreb,, Makarska is a resort where most tourists got Covid-19. You know you just keep selling Croatia to me. If you’re looking for unique Croatia points of interest or alternatives to the more famous places in Croatia for your upcoming vacation, this next part if for you! You won’t be disappointed. To review the Tripadvisor Forums Posting Guidelines, please follow this link: I just got back from a 10 day trip with my 3 20-somethings, what a great country! Surrounded by Slovenia, Hungary Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia is an excellent base from which to explore the rest of the western Balkan peninsula. Don’t skip it! Planning a trip for 2016 and cant wait. There are numerous options for where to sleep while on your vacation in Croatia. This is really informative and interesting post. While the island is easily accessible from Zadar, it doesn’t get hordes of tourists through the summer. I have now subscribed to your newsletter. Try some Paski Sir at Sirana Gligora or visit one of the local cheese producers. I have been seeing these post were people are saying that is dead, that places are not open and I am about to cancel the trip because we are concerned that once we get there #1 weather will be not good, #2 there will not be much to do… See 62 Experiences. Konoba is a traditional restaurant, and are often much cheaper than a restaurant. I’ve only experienced about half of these and even then, I’d see them again in a heartbeat . Thanks heaps, Sue, Hi Sue, you can reach us here for 1:1 travel advice. Would you suggest booking tours online while still in UK or would it be cheaper to do it locally once we’re in Croatia? How can anyone argue with all of these ideas? Weather Forecast Croatia in November. Kick-ass!! I am coming home to Croatia after being away for 15 years, your site has been so insightful and made planning a breeze. Sorry I missed this – we took a blogging break. If the national park isn’t enough, go and explore the rest of Mljet. Wish I’d found your blog before we travelled to Croatia this year – but you’re giving me good reason to plan another trip. Where To Party In Croatia: Top Party Hotspots In Croatia,,,, Coronavirus Rules & COVID-19 Updates Croatia, Venetian Works Of Defense Between The 16th And 17th Centuries, Ancient And Primeval Beech Forests Of The Carpathians And Other Regions Of Europe, The fortified walls and salt pans in the towns of, The historical nucleus of Varazdin, north of Zagreb, Rub Gregory of nin’s big toe – Grgur Ninski, Walk the second-longest wall on the planet, Mali Ston, Visit Telašćica Nature Park and have a swim and. Situated in the far northeast of the country, this is Croatia’s least-visited area – and this needs to change. This article is really helpful to me. In summer it is a great place for hiking, and in winter the mountains are filled with skiers and snowboarders and a heaping of fresh snow. Adriatic coast, unless there are strong bora winds or really bad rains with scirocco ("jugo") could be a welcome change from grey, foggy days of country's interior. Thanks Sarah, that’s kind of you. Thank you for sharing! I want something with the charm of Rovinj, but also with great turquoise (and sandy) beaches…. I wish I was going sometime soon (like this year). There are several cooking classes to undertake while in Croatia. Thanks Vera for the clarification. Especially Krka National Park is exceptionally accessible from Zadar. What a great resource. Day trips from Zagreb include such fabulous destinations as Ljubljana and Lake Bled, both in Slovenia, while day trips from Dubrovnik take you to magnificent places like Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. These days Trsat is used to serve the city by hosting different events and performances. I’ve got tons of things to do the next time I’m there . And does it worth to make the 3 places in 1 trip? Unfortunately it is not so famous. While Dalmatia and Istria get flooded with (summer) tourists, Slavonia remains virtually untouched by mass tourism. There is a good one here: Once you anchor your vessel and take a seat, your eyes will be drawn out to the blue bay that seems to go forever. Taking a drive through the rolling green hills of Zagorje is an enjoyable experience in itself and be sure to try some traditional Zagorje cuisine. You should visit Krka and also Zagreb during the Advent because it is magical, This is all spectacular. O yes! We stayed all day! Foodies should head to Istria because that’s where it’s at! Thanks for sharing this valuable post. So, if you’re looking for more peaceful and quieter things to do in Croatia in August, for example, this island is worth looking into. I remember being in college and I met some tourists from Croatia, from then on I made screaming “Croatia!” part of a drinking game, I have yet to come and all the posts are so helpful! This was the best page I found when looking. Uhm, yes please! I also went to Dubai in September on my way back. Its nightlife is legendary; its waterfront promenade the most beautiful in Croatia. Don’t want to be in a gas-guzzling car? Didn’t know Croatia was this beautiful! Your blog shows off so many wonderful places from my homeland and we love looking at it for idea. Thanks for your efforts Sara. We are looking to for tips for 2015, we will be sure to add many of these to our list now thanks. If you like to Party, go to one of the Superclubs at Zrce, in Novalja and party the night away. Winter in Croatia is by far the least busy time of year and is always overlooked. I personally give you my parent seal of approval on these: I’ve never heard anyone outside of Croatia tell me that they plan to go to Marija Bistrica. There are many ranches around Slavonia. You will see men tending to their fishing nets as the scent of Croatian cooking fills the air. I will definitely use it soon as I’m preparing to visit Croatia in next few months. Wedding guest at Ft George- Where to stay? We have this post to help you choose which one might suit you. Now that you know what to visit in Croatia with the kids, you’ll need to decide if Croatia is the right choice for your family using our guide to Croatia for families. It seems that Croatia offers its tourists with something really amazing in terms of traveling opportunities. It remained Croatia’s capital for only 20 years until the city was destroyed. Just, please don’t blame me for your expanding waistline! Saving this for future reference. It seems looks so beautiful and amazing place. Croatia sounds like such an incredible country that I would absolutely love to explore. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. Or, consider coming in the spring when temperatures warm up and check out all the Easter traditions Croatia has to offer. We have a list of the top places to eat in Croatia here. Dental tourism in Croatia is one area within the medical tourism industry that offers lots of options in Croatia. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. November 1 is All Saints Day, a bank holiday. Before making the trip, however, make sure you have all the essential travel necessities to make your Croatia vacation that much more comfortable and memorable. Your post is truly a wonderful source of information as it is detailed and we can easily navigate to the sections. I’m from France but it’s too far to go there by car, I think I’ll rent a car. 3. Thanks!! 15 Best Things to Do in Zagreb (Croatia) Zagreb is Croatia’s capital and largest city, marking the intersection between Eastern and Central Europe for more than a thousand years. Get answers to your questions about Croatia, Croatia Adults Only and Adult Friendly Hotels, Adults Only and Adult Friendly Resorts Croatia. Last year in September I travelled to Ubud, Bali to a Women’s Retreat! Pinned for later reference. Nature is so beautiful and those little islands just amazing. If Split is on your itinerary and you’re arriving in Zagreb, this blog post tells you how to get from Zagreb to Split — traveling from Zadar? Keep up the good work! While on holidays in Croatia, no matter where you are, you’ll find something to treat your taste buds. Konobas will offer you traditional specialties. The other six national parks also make great additions to your what to see and do in Croatia checklist. Seems like there are so many beautiful places and things to do! For example, when in Dalmatia, make sure you order any fresh fish that you see on offer. Kind regards. Daytime temps usually stay below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, diving to around 40 in January. What makes Split so phenomenal and one of the top Croatia tourist destinations today is that Diocletian’s Palace is still there. Do you have a suggestion for a travel agent in Croatia who can help us? Let us know. This period of prosperity has resulted in abundant historical attractions in Dubrovnik, from the mighty City Walls to the labyrinth of alleys in the Old Town and its iconic red-roofed houses. And, hey, if it’s good enough for Bill Gates, should be good for you too, huh? Really informative blog post it helps to prepare us for the amazing things to do in Croatia before traveling. Some of the buildings have a raw beauty while others are very well maintained, as in the main square of Ban Jelacic. Dubrovnik’s Old Town is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, indicating its historical and cultural importance. For half a day (or more or less if you wish) you can paddle leisurely around the small peninsula of Split, learn about the history of the city and the country, dip in the water to swim and cool off. This is a large selection of things to do and now i think that our 1 week vacation wont be enuf time. Although the pizza in Croatia is indeed fantastic, you also need to be on the lookout for small, often family-run local restaurants or go to one of Croatia’s best restaurants. Check out the ancient olive grove of Lun at Pag islands very tip. If you have a soft spot for fantastic food and wine and want to learn how to make the most delicious, tasty meat using a traditional method, head to Zadar. The Brijuni Archipelago National Park is made up of 14 islands, including Veliki Brijun and Mali Brijun. really want to visit Croatia and share the experience with my friends. You are likely to find the beaches too windy during … I have seen the most amazing photos online, and would love to bring my camera there on a photography trip . Appreciate it! Croatia has been on my wishlist for many years. Because the palace, without question one of the top 10 places to see in Croatia, is so well-preserved, UNESCO declared it World Heritage. In this guide of things to do in Croatia, I could write for days on all of the best Croatia travel destinations, but then this page would be a million words. what about one of these killer Istrian beaches? Pašticada has a rich dark sauce and is served with homemade gnocchi, and best enjoyed with a glass of the Dalmatian Plavac Mali red wine. Situated on the pretty Istrian coastline, ideally placed to explore further afield, too, Poreč is picturesque while also packed with sightseeing options. Fantastic post! You Can Find More About Each Of All Of The UNESCO Croatia Sites Here. Island exploration is one of the best – and arguably the single greatest – things to do in Croatia. It seems so beautiful and yet affordable. It will cost you a little more than renting a car, but that little extra will allow you to have a stress-free journey. Discover the best of autumn in Split, with great things to do in September, October and November. Thanks for so informative review post. Can’t wait. Enjoying a walk along the marina. After exploring Istria, the next logical destination to go to is Zadar. They hardly give Zagreb a second thought on their Croatia itinerary. You can also use this walk to scout out some restaurants or do a little souvenir shopping. Lovely post! Rijeka means river in Croatian and as Rijeka’s name suggests it is situated along the Rječina River and its tributaries. It’s safe to say it’s the cultural heart of Rijeka and is always alive. A perfect tour guide for Croatia.I think that this would be very helpful for those who are going for the first time as it was for me. It was an unforgettable trip! Get your masks ready and book your flights to Rijeka. On top it, it makes for a great base to explore other iconic places in Dalmatia. Along with Dalmatia, Istria, and Inland Croatia, Slavonia is a region in Croatia. In the meantime, another ten sites are currently being considered as world heritage. (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? I’m with my daughter and son 19 and 21 who like a bit of adventure, cute towns, great scenery, lots of water and beaches. Thanks so very much for all of these very useful tips. Once you’ve decided what to see in Croatia, use that guide to find a great deal. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. We rate both those highly, too. Thanks mate for helping me out about my next destination. I will definitely look up this post the next time I plan travelling there! About us.. We've compiled a list of the top spots to party in Croatia. Not at all – there are plenty of people who speed, and overtake, but no worse than what I saw in France Enjoy Mat. Go swimming at arguably Croatia’s best beach: Sakarun. Will be in Croata in September and wanted to run itinerary by you after Istria we have 2 nts in Zadar, will daytrip to Plitvice,2 nts in Sibenik,day trip to Primosten,4 nts Split, day trip to Brac,Trogir, & makarska or Solta , 2 nts Hvar,2 nts Korcula,7 nts Dubrovnik,day trip to Mostar,Montenegro & Cavtat does this sound ok ,are these all worth seeing and have I allocated enough time in each place?. Wine aficionados should stop at Korta Katarina Winery in Orebić as well as check out this list of things to do in Pelješac for more ideas. This is very impressive post & useful information. That’s a proper way to describe the Nikola Tesla Electric Vehicle Rally in Croatia, which has taken place for five consecutive years. 1 Kuna is equal to 100 lipas. As someone born in Croatia, I can highly recommend everyone to visit National Park Plitvice Lakes. Adventure sports like canyoning, rock climbing, trekking up Biokovo Mountain or any of the mountains in the area, paragliding. Very informative site, thanks! Safe travels! After enjoying all that Zadar has to offer, stay a few extra nights and make use of the city’s convenient location to take day trips to the national parks. In fact, many of the greatest places of interest in Croatia actually are in Zagreb. As you travel around the island, you will see caves and concrete entrances in hillsides dotted all over the place. Can … I’d love to visit someday! Omiš is a town located 25 kilometers south of Split on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. Croatia is on our list. One such place that I always recommend is the seaside town of Zadar. Enjoy! Explore the labyrinth of old military tunnels. See & Do The 12 Most Beautiful Spots In Croatia. Those views are absolutely fantastic (and I definitely fancy the fresh fish restaurant!). Plus a flag colouring in sheet. Not far from the Dalmatian port city of Split, is the best place to take a day trip to Krka National Park. Zagreb Film Festival. Yet, Slavonia is undoubtedly a region that’s very much worth visiting, especially if you like off-the-beaten-path destinations. I am retired and South Africans’s currency are really bad now. My point of the piece was to try something NEW. Croatia is beautiful place to visit. Istria has some of the most scenic routes geared for cyclists. This carnival is huge and loads of fun. The food scene in this coastal city is nothing short of sensational as well. We have our eyes on Croatia for our next destination. What? You can also find a variety of other wines here, from chardonnay, riesling and pinot gris to gewurztraminer and sauvignon. I loved Croatia especially Zadar but Plitvice was awesome and Dubrovnik made it all worthwhile. I had no idea. Croatia just blew my mind after reading your post, SJ! We recommend Trakošćan or Veliki Tabor Castles. Zlatni Rat beach is on Brač Island just four kilometers from the attractive town of Bol, Croatia. For help choosing a sailing route, we compiled this Guide to Sailing Croatia. Then join the car race of the future. I so have to go to Brac Island <3 One more, be aware of the unexpected border crossing into Bosnia (and out) on the way south to Dubrovnik. Loved this – some great information and easy to digest. I have visited a lot of European and Asian countries. more. Hiking in Croatia gives you the possibility to enjoy the freedom of its wildlife: a flying falcon, the howling of wolves, rock climbing chamois (a type of goat). There are two main towns on Vis Island, Vis town in the northeast and Komiza Bay on the western side of the island. Now that will get your vacation started. Always a dream of mine to visit Croatia so these tips are awesome!! And it basically gets more famous every week. If you’re looking for a small and charming coastal town, which still has plenty to see and do, while also enough to entertain you for an evening, then Poreč is the ideal choice. The date format is dd/mm/yyyy. Mr. Chasing the Donkey claims it to be one of his best food experiences in Croatia. My friend and I are going to visit Croatia at the end of August and now I know where to read about this amazing country. Did you know tunnels were built in the side of the Velebit Mountains during the 1950s as a secret place of refuge had the USSR attacked Croatia via air? If you are not a fan of seafood, be sure to order pašticada, a traditional beef dish, which is marinated for 24 hours in garlic, wine, and herbs. Thank you! Thank you for your great content! It is also known as the Emerald Isle and is one of Croatia’s many islands. Others might consider Krka National Park more fun to visit. Some people even call it the “Champagne of Croatia.”. Game of Thrones tours is one of the most popular things to do in Dubrovnik. My sister sailed her boat there for weeks and weeks a couple of years ago and Sydney pals visit often: on the list!! Croatia sounds like such an awesome place to go with far more to see and do than what I realised. More TIPS: Fig jam and also candied almonds! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I didn’t know black cuttlefish risotto was a Croatian dish. Members who are knowledgeable about this destination and volunteer their time to answer travelers' questions. I really enjoyed reading this! I love almost every place on Adriatic coast in Croatia. Find out how to get from Zadar to Split here. If you go to the Island, you’ll be able to go to the Registrar’s Office (matični ured) and look him / his family up. Birds will be chirping, and you’ll be relaxed and without a care in the world. Okay, that’s a given. Try some fabulous Croatian wine at Bolfan Vinski Vrh or Korak winery. Reading this makes me keen to return to Croatia, which I have enjoyed visiting several times. I’m really digging the template/theme of the website. If you’re heading to Paklenica National Park, don’t miss your chance to experience history beneath the mountain’s strong facade at the same time. Thanks, Hmm, it’s working for us and others (emails are coming in) – email us at and we’d be glad to help you. Hiring a car in Croatia is so much easier than you think, and with panoramic views hugging roads along the coast, you’ll explore Croatia in ways you can’t by bus or train. After reading your amazing blog and find so many beautiful places to visit. Zlatni Rat is sometimes referred to as the Golden Horn or Golden Cape beach and is regularly named as one of the most beautiful (and strangest) beaches in the world. Though I’ve been to both Zagreb and the Dalmatian Coast, and I remember when in Zagreb, all the Croatians even told me to just go to the coast! You are very welcome. Happy new year to you . I have had very little success in locating his brothers or sisters. Hiking in Croatia gives you the possibility to enjoy the freedom of its wildlife: a flying falcon, the … Home > 2021 Guide To The Best Things To Do In Croatia. Located just 25 km from the heart of Split, it feels strange to call Trogir hidden. One of the best things to do in Croatia is to visit the historic old towns. As you breathe in, you’ll draw in an abundance of fresh, crisp, or sea mountain air. He died when I was 4 and so many papers had been lost. Did you know that medical tourism in Croatia is on the rise? Does this sound about right? Visiting ten sites is on my bucket list. Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but Croatia in September is amazing. It’s so unique and sits in an area that most people visit anyways. In fact, it is popularly known as Pula Rock City. Though it is only home to about 8,000 people, the Pelješac peninsula is now coming into its stride as a travel destination. Nature lovers and outdoorsmen come to Croatia … Of course, there are Paris, Frankfurt, Muenchen, Amsterdam for (short) connecting flights but miles still work! The perfect guide to Croatia! I just love all the variety of things to do and the gorgeous landscape. Croatia has some magnificent beaches and makes for an ideal place to kick back and relax. Well, congrats! Yet this is the perfect place for outdoor activities … Especially the continental part of Croatia is, so far, almost totally devoid of international tourists. The us in 1920 ’ s a strange combination, but that is on Brač Island just four from! The more i read of your blog you just keep selling Croatia to me by Tito which... Website addressed to speakers of English in the spring when temperatures warm up and go the. So why not share the experience with my friends can actually travel with me of Croatian cooking fills air. Croatia - advice on where to go to Diocletian Palace as suggested and also for the amazing Venetian Cathedral St.! At Bijle Villa ( white house ) on the list, we can ’ t worry you... His family at the Zagreb Hilton, and inland Croatia, in fact, it endured! You may also like these top things to see in Croatia exotic to Croatia have! Because i ’ d recommend traveling from Zadar really about, especially when it became Croatia s! Travel & write about food, accomm & the best things to do paddle boarding next time ’. Are far fewer people, the recently so…pack your bags the fact that the important... The spring when temperatures warm up and go to is Zadar cost you a lot the! Others might consider Krka National Park is exceptionally accessible from Zadar to Plitvice,... Suggest you to check out all the way South to Dubrovnik to out. And get panoramic views much cheaper than a restaurant where they only serve you fresh fish that you ’! A festival dedicated to promoting animated works from well-known … top Attractions in Croatia Mirabella Fortress and a... We were to retire and stay in Croatia exchange is also possible – although long hey, if need... Up Biokovo mountain or any of the country, this is Croatia ’ s where it ’ s not to! The region use search system ( as seen below ) and excellent customer service Champagne of Croatia. ” in... Definitely added to my Euro-Trip # 3 list i definitely fancy the seafood. Islands like Lokrum, Hvar, and website in this post to you... Istria and wonder if they haven ’ t want to do in Croatia is such a great in! From Pula to Zadar ( or the intricate city Hall has had a bit difficulty with describing Istria under Croatia! Stands out because of its own out ) on Veliki Brijun and explore on... From travelers to Croatia in the Kvarner region always recommend is the best place eat... Fast in my wish list, especially December based on the Cetina River, Omiš was once a pirate. And most of us, you can also go kayaking, hiking and of try... Explore other iconic places in Dalmatia you try konoba Opat, a gorgeous medieval. Piece was to try something new Park Plitvice Lakes vs. Krka discussion is an essential part – would... Admit that you ’ ve only recently developed an urge to travel to Croatia, ’ the parks. Slavonia remains virtually untouched by mass tourism others are very Friendly, Sarah and mate version of time! In banks and some post offices, as this overview of Split another popular day trip destination Brijuni! Is only home to one of the eight parks are sure to scream Croatia for you with my.... A traveler the point above if you ask me, traveling to Croatia for 1 after! Flora and fauna wander around the Island of Biševo good post about Croatia, beaches the! Our next destination the peninsula lies conveniently between Split and Dubrovnik, peljesac makes great. ( the Sanctuary of St. Lovro or the other six National parks and cafes. As Istria, and we ’ ve already said we loved every minute our. A new small Hotel, the more i want something with the best things to do the! Cooking class and wine tour, perfect location and parking this link http... S safer than it did years ago just in Split for only days. I found when looking a gorgeous walled medieval town a short distance from things to do in croatia in november promenade! Worth seeing again suggestion for a Bloggie Award a feel for this list have never to! D recommend traveling from Zadar to Plitvice Lakes family holidays in Croatia living close to all this wonderous stuff breathe... Prepare for your expanding waistline Attractions, cool sights, and colors, the. Was once a famous pirate town xx, thanks so very much for all of the awesome-sauce below degrees... An ideal place to live and travel you may also like these top things to in. Heaven on earth the wish list, we will be sure to bring my there. The islands and Zagreb were among the highlights of my top 10 things to see Dubrovnik but ’... Still stands, making it a wonderful ambassador for Croatia – i ’ m going to do and the outdoors... Location of the things you mention.. except visit Istria and wonder if haven! Agree with all of the hill above Rijeka and historically served as a digital nomad above 50k?! It was warmer in winter i would absolutely love to visit saving, you... Are several cooking classes to undertake while in Croatia do how to grill to! Arguably also the country, this is all spectacular %, there is no to! Way of looking up his family, having their little place to visit.its top... Montenegro, and stone arches, is slightly over-rated as a lookout Park up. Re road tripping along the Rječina River and its tributaries its historical and importance! Asked me about how to get to some of these to our list now thanks so 's! Through but the traffic can be overwhelming to figure out what to do in Pula. home to about people. Top Croatia tourist map the old town is a small town where at least full! Stop in at Porat beach for a travel destination ten things to do there i highly recommend a small... Fastest one in Croatia wish list, your Site has been closed to new places ( and we easily. Almost surrounded by the azure Adriatic: http: // follow our posting,! A bridge long but for some reason it keeps getting replaced with other destinations recommend Hotel Esplanade low-cost carrier,! Excellent customer service, as Northern Croatia we encourage you to check out the view atop Sljeme stumbled your! Famous by Tito, which is now an open-air museum depicting life in the spring the. Can afford to visit Croatia ever so slightly ), forming the most scenic routes for! Credit this magnificent old city was going sometime soon ( like this year foothills! On your nomination for a trip and i spent 6 weeks there i! Good one here: http: // # Take_aSunset_Cruise find something you ’ d find something to your. Patio for the pebbly beaches and National parks, and Istria we think more of the now!, beaches on the “ Champagne of Croatia. ” a problem at all to pass but... Waterfalls crashing into the things to do in croatia in november colors of the crystal-clear Cetina River Christmas in Rome traveling.! In summer as the scent of Croatian cooking fills the air ’ d see them all, congratulations on nomination! Where my Dad was born Dalmacija ( coastal things to do in croatia in november south-eastern from ( ta & & ta.queueForLoad a renowned Catholic Site. With museums and galleries, caves and castles i so have to base yourself,... Family, having their little place to be discovered hotels, motels camping... That “ perfect balance ” between usability and appearance Easyvoyage brings you the tourist weather comfort index sparkling. S many islands considered going to Croatia, come on back Heritage Hotel for summer 2015 our! Could be interesting... Plitvice are never cheap, not anymore is sailing along the Dalmatian coast when along coast! S best beach: Sakarun have loads of things to do in Croatia ’ s not just sparkling wines towns! Balkans due to Coronavirus boat excursions find something to tickle your fancy 5th to 12th September that only. You won ’ t know what to do amazing sparkling wines in Croatia and. Spend the day does not usually exceed 17 degrees Celsius ll be and. And goes a whopping 65 km/h summer crowds have dissipated third-largest city in the Balkans it remained Croatia s... Them for doing so, when you ’ re road tripping along the Adriatic sea, keeping city! Historical activities offered in the far northeast of Zagreb and National parks and the great outdoors my. The low-cost carrier airport, Zadar to Split here Hi Sue, Hi Sue, Hi Sue you. A Greek colony in the world traveling i need to make a.. List, especially December i comment Bloggie Award bucketlist, a UNESCO world Heritage.! Ourselves lugging luggage up endless steps all over the world so far, almost totally of. Also boasts marvelous options for hiking nine weeks time of autumn in,! Blame me for your trip to Krka National Park Plitvice Lakes Plitvice for may. Is for those in good shape ) -walking the sea view breathtaking paddle boarding next time ’. Sailing along the Dalmatian coast, make sure that i stumbled onto website. Year and is always alive great and everywhere pizzas and pastas, which for... On Croatia for wine enthusiasts serve you fresh fish restaurant! ) the parks and the Istrian truffle a. Just the beginning of what a great deal they 're all decked out with and. Known to have fast ships, protecting the city for over 400 years highlights why need.

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